Enterprise Mainframe Strorage



Feature Options

There are different feature options available

virtual tape luminex:available feature options

Mainframe Tape Migration

Non-disruptively migrate thousands to millions of physical & virtual tape volumes

Luminex Replication

Enterprise-Class Replication for All Mainframe Environments

RepMon: Replication Monitor

Replication Monitoring and Logging at the VOLSER Level

Synchronous Tape Matrix

True Continuous Availaiblity for Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape Solutions

CGSafe Encryption

Encryption and Key Management for Channel Gateway

LTMon: Luminex Tape Monitor

Mainframe Console Integration for Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT™) Solutions


Cloud Storage Solutions for Mainframes

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Luminex mainframe virtual tape solutions are providing data protection for hundreds of mainframe sites globally, including Intercom customers such as Amadeus and Wustenrot. Additional references can be furnished upon request.