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A Generation Ahead of Physical Tape Vaults

mvt vault: physical tape vaulting

For some mainframe data centers, maintaining three copies of their business or mission critical data is not "just nice to have", it is essential. Customer enterprises that have disaster recovery (DR) centers in vulnerable locations due to their proximity to the production site and companies that have unique regulations or other requirements, often require storage of a third copy of data at an additional, remote location. MVT Vault provides a third copy of tape data at any secure location where IP connectivity is available.

Also, for enterprises that currently don't have a mainframe at a remote DR facility, MVT Vault enables them to cost effectively establish a remote virtual vault, using minimal space (2U), electricity and cooling.

MVT Vault is a generation ahead of tape vaults that require expensive physical tape media, shipping, storage and operational personnel. This virtual vault includes Luminex Replication, Replication Monitoring (RepMon), storage and inventory audit capability. It is a remote replication storage target, for virtual tape solutions, such as MVT or CGX which are installed at production or other sites. The solution is well suited for numerous customer use cases, we've highlighted two of the many uses in the diagrams below (see Figure 1 and 2 below).

luminex MVT vault in action

Figure 1: Typical remote vaulting configuration for 3rd copy.

Luminex MVT vault in action

Figure 1: Typical remote vaulting configuration for 2nd copy.

MVT Vault datasheet

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Luminex mainframe virtual tape solutions are providing data protection for hundreds of mainframe sites globally, including Intercom customers such as Amadeus and Wustenrot. Additional references can be furnished upon request.